Our team

Pramesh Khadka

Chief Education Enabler, Innovator, Founder

With a passion to build innovative software solutions to simplify business processes in the education space, Pramesh has over 20 years of experience understanding the Australian higher education sector, and is the founder and CEO of Meshed Group. A company providing a suite of software solutions helping more than 200+ businesses across Australia manage student lifecycle, increase engagement with stakeholders and deliver value to end customers. He is constantly innovating to improve processes and enable technology to provide a seamless experience that helps everyone.

Dr. Reza Shariflou

Teacher, Researcher, Higher Education Relationship Expert

With over 20 years serving as senior researcher and providing teaching and tutoring duties at the University of Sydney, Reza comes with a wealth of practical experience and understanding in various aspects of the Australian education industry. He is looking to enrich the globalization of Australian education industry by promoting the industry and expanding the connection of education providers with the overseas market.

Sini Rajeeve

Communication Expert, Marketing Manager

A marketing communications professional with 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and events. Her expertise in identifying category insights and marketing opportunities comes from the last 5 years she has spent exclusively gaining an understanding of the education and technology sector as Marketing Manager of Meshed Group.

Idris Molsal

Operations Manager

With over 8 years in education management, Idris boasts an experience with start-ups that enables him to constantly find opportunities for process improvement and customer service excellence. He believes education is the best path for self-betterment, and dedicatedly adds value to the Educonnect process.

Isabella Silva

Course Advisor

Journalist. PR professional. Communication graduate. Isabella dons many hats to help better the study-abroad experience for students everywhere. Being an international student herself, she develops insightful strategy to add value to students and education providers alike.

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