How to Approach an International Study Program in a Post-COVID World

Written By Educonnect on September 28, 2021

In what is probably the most distressing event in recent memory, several sections of society have had their lives upended. If studying abroad was part of your plans, you may have been under significant stress navigating the constantly changing situation in the country you live and abroad. Now, with countries opening up their borders, it is an excellent time to start planning again. With most universities/institutions accepting international students, finding the right program and city to build your academic and professional career is an important question. Studying in Australia is an excellent option given the country's world-class education providers, welcoming culture and pleasing weather.

If you're wondering when you can travel to Australia, then you are not alone. While border restrictions have affected the enrolment of the international students, several Australian universities are attempting to keep and attract international students through a range of incentives and facilities. Some universities offer rebates for students unable to travel to Australia, while others provide scholarships for international students based on their eligibility and choice of program. They award scholarships based on academic scores and other aspects, such as your chosen destination, the field and the level of study. Extracurricular activities, volunteering and work experience can also strengthen your applications for scholarships. If you are looking to complete an undergraduate degree or master's program in Australia, consider doing your research to find the right opportunity that offers you incentives in the event of a blended course. Educonnect can help you identify the best program for your needs and also arrange conversations with academic advisors.

Once you find a program that suits your requirement, there's the matter of applying and planning your finances. Stay aware of the constant changes in travel regulations. While immediate travel may be inaccessible, several universities offer blended courses that allow you to get started without waiting. Educonnect's services enable you to find blended courses across Australia that provide a range of student services to make your academic journey smoother. While international student travel may remain some way away, the Australian government has announced a nomination program to allow some students to return to Australia. Speak with experts in Educonnect for more information. Once you confirm your choice of university/institution, you could also speak with Educonnect advisors for details on how to approach your campus arrival. Don't confuse the opening of the borders for travel with preparing for your visa applications. Start gathering all your supporting documents and details so when the process restarts, you are ready.

Two Australian states - New South Wales and Victoria - have announced the potential development of pilot programmes to return international students to the country gradually. The success of these programs could encourage more states to follow suit. If either of these is your destination of choice, then keep a close eye on developments.

The best thing you can do for yourself at the moment is to use this time to make a smart choice, strengthen your applications, and be mindful of your mental and physical health.

Educonnect helps you find the best university/institution for your goals, apply for a course, and even speak directly with education providers. Sign up today to see how we can support your international education journey from discovery to application.

Good luck with planning your study journey!

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