Benefits of VET courses for international students

Written By Dr. Reza Shariflou on May 17, 2022

The VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and provides technical skills, knowledge, and qualifications that are required in the workplace. These courses are generally designed by industry experts with the aim of combining work-ready skills with relevant knowledge. It exposes the participants to hands-on experience, providing a sense of skill confidence in the workplace. Simply, this provides the graduates with a fast and cost-effective pathway to employment.

The VET qualifications are recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) at various levels, namely Certificates (Certificate I, II, III, and IV), Diploma, and Advanced Diploma. These courses are popular in Australia and are offered by many public and private education providers. Similar to higher education courses, VET courses are regulated by the Australian government and are offered to international students. This means that overseas students can apply for these courses and obtain their student visas provided to meet the entry requirements. 

Save money and time on pathways into higher education degrees

Completing a VET course may provide you with a pathway to a higher degree course via the acceptance of your credits via the Prior Learning Recognition (PLR). The use of PLR depends on the compatibility of your completed VET course and your intended higher degree course. More specifically, some VET course providers have affiliations with higher education providers that accept all your credits from the VET course. This means that you can fully utilise your investment in the VET course by transferring all your credits towards your higher degree course. This can save you up to around 60% on tuition fees! For example, if you complete a two-year VET course at South Sydney College, you may transfer all your credits to the University of Southern Queensland to complete a bachelor's degree in only one year. Talk to our course advisors to explore these valued options.

Easier entry requirements

Entry requirements for the VET courses are generally easier than entry requirements for higher degree courses. VET courses are, therefore, a great alternative option if you cannot meet the requirements for enrolment in a higher degree course. For example, you will need an IELTS score of 5.5 to enrol in a VET course, whereas a higher degree course such as a bachelor's degree requires an IELTS score of 6.0. Considering this, a VET pathway may be a quick and convenient option for you to start your course.

Generally, more practical than higher education courses

In contrast to higher degree courses which are more focused on theory, you will gain more hands-on experience with the VET courses. For example, if you are doing a VET cooking course you will be involved more with practical cooking experience in cooking facilities rather than just reading cooking theories. VET course assessments are also focused on gaining competencies and practical skills, rather than completion of written exams and essays in a higher degree course. So, completing a VET course provides practical experiences, which may be beneficial when seeking employment.

Employment opportunities

VET courses aim to get graduates ready for the workplace by exposing them to hands-on experience during their studies. This means that during the VET course, you can obtain skills that are required in the workplace and, therefore, you may gain employment sooner. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with the Australian employment system, lifestyle, society, and all other basics that will assist you to settle in Australia. Of course, you may start earning an income quicker as well to cover some of your costs.

Get a taste of your intending study area before enrolling in a costly higher degree course 

If you are not sure about your intended course, career goals, or future lifestyle, you may wish to complete a short VET course, instead of enrolling in a long and costly higher degree course. This is a cost-effective way to gauge if the course suits your goals.  If you are unsure about what specialty to pursue, VET courses may be a good option to explore different specialty areas. For example, if you are interested in Information Technology but are unsure which specialty, completing a VET course in this field may expose you to different specialty areas, assisting you to find an area that suits you.

Get familiar with the Australian Education System

There may be vast differences between the Australian education system and other international education systems. For example, you may find it difficult to adjust to the teaching style, delivery mode, and expected activities like group work and independent learning. Completing a VET course is a great bridge to learning and adjusting to Australian education before endeavouring on a higher degree course.

Educonnect has partnered with many education providers including those offering VET courses and can help you with benefiting the VET-to-Higher Degree pathways. Do not miss the opportunity; talk to our course advisors to explore your options.

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