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Written By Educonnect on March 28, 2021

With plenty of Business Schools of repute to choose, Australia offers an array of interesting options for those exploring new possibilities for a master's degree abroad, preferably Master of Business Administration (MBA) and its diverse avenues. Because of sustainable relationships between education provides and employees and professional bodies, you stand a great chance to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit with a genuine mix of innovative academic thinking and real world sense and develop valuable networks to give you a head start in your career. So, you can take valuable work placements and skills enhancement opportunities to boost your employment prospects in any of the cities of Australia or any part of the globe.

Finding your niche areas

Before settling on your preferred course of study, you need to be well advised on various choices for MBA, ranging from the traditional specialisations such as accounting, banking and finance, business and management, human resources and operations, to newer options including hospitality, entertainment, sports and facilities. You will be studying in some of the universities with a tradition of producing competent individuals through the years.

  • Skills in managing enterprise, globally
  • Learning from friendly and approachable practicing professionals
  • Study and work to script a memorable sojourn
  • Exposure to newer cultures and entrench the skills required to work internationally
  • Specialty programmes such as entrepreneurship, entertainment, or healthcare management to give graduates a competitive edge
  • Executive MBA programmes for working professionals bereft of time to undertake regular or full-time schedules.
MBA. Which durations?

Studying for an MBA, you get to hone your skills as a manager, learn the nuances of managing a profitable enterprise (from both macro and micro perspectives) and gain experience of the latest technical and industry knowledge even without prior work experience. Qualified executives, or those who have been working, can gain a global vision for their businesses on the other. As in other countries, universities in Australia require that you must have acquired a first degree though not particularly specific to any stream or discipline. MBA programmes in Australia cover diverse business-related subjects and often stretch between 10 to 24 months fulltime. Some universities offer a trimester system to fast track learning and mitigate the cost of an MBA degree while executive and accelerated MBA programmes take a shorter duration with the former requiring prior work experience and exposure of 2 to 4 years allowing students to work at the high end of their work permit. There are institutions that offer the equivalent of an MBA but may not be affiliated with any university in Australia.

What you learn

An MBA curriculum touches on core areas of accounting, management, finance, marketing and business law with management taking centre stage. The teaching and learning are oriented towards leadership, planning, organizational behavior and business strategy besides the demands of running a large or small enterprise. In recent times, Australian Universities have broadened the range of areas to encompass training in international business and investment to responsibilities and corporate accountability of business within the communities they exist in.

Who qualifies?

Some institutions require specific requirements. Most common requirements include merit certificates, usually equivalent to a bachelor degree, applicant's resume, letter of recommendation (LOR) and experience certificates. At times, you may also be required to have GRE/GMAT scores for admission. You will be well advised to check with your preferred institution's specific website, to help make an informed decision.

Studying and working abroad

MBA, in a broad sense, is popular in Australia and provide ample career opportunities for graduates. Most popular MBA programmes are full time while Executive MBA takes in professionals already working and whose training can be part-time or during weekends. Every institution has set out specific eligibility requirements and applicants are advised to check details with education providers. With these programmes, you can increase your knowledge of international business, widen your cultural experiences, practice language skills and gain a competitive edge, in whichever career you decide to pursue.

Career Prospects

When you study MBA in Australia, you increase your knowledge of international business. The programme is underpinned by a mix of theoretical training and practical, real-world experience for business or investment environments besides tremendous scope for employment awaits graduates with specific skills and abilities. The demand for management professionals is burgeoning day-by-day across all the areas of specialisations while others keen on academic advancements can also pursue a doctoral degree that will help them embrace the world of research or teaching. A graduate can look at working as a consultant for some of the leading firms or international organisations. Yet the best part of it all is the option to be a job creator than a job seeker if you decide to take the entrepreneurial route.

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