6 reasons why Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students

Written By Educonnect on March 15, 2021

From the lure of vibrant, modern cosmopolitan cities to the wide- open spaces of outback bushes teeming with the famed koalas, wallabies and kangaroos, fabulous beaches, high lifestyle, the laidback and friendly people, land, water and sky conspire to give students across the globe an unforgettable experience. With a variety of study areas and degree programmes to choose from, international students can easily glide through and discover schools that meet their needs and niche areas.

With a search engine like Educonnect, international students can easily find disciplines that meet their interests and choose between universities and institutions for vocational education and English language training. The seamless transition from one qualification level, and from one institution to another, gives international students endless options for change.

Iconic international students destination

Australia can best be described as one of the world's finest classrooms – its exciting, enthralling and brimming its educational potential and home to international students from every corner of the globe. According to data released by the of Education and Training of the Australian Government, the leading sender is China followed by India, Brazil, Nepal and Malaysia. A whopping number of 37 universities in Australia feature in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, six of them well placed among the prestigious top 100, and this is an impressive listing.

Spoilt for choices

Whatever be your destination, cities in Australia have an entrenched tradition as centres of excellence for higher education, English speaking training and top-notch world-class research. Because of the strong emphasis and government support for scientific research and being at the forefront of new technology and innovative practices, international students stand to benefit and many of them have stayed back to work, engage in research or consultancy.

A head start in careers

When you study in Australia, preferably MBA, whether full time or part time, you open doors to a world of possibilities. Across Australian cities, whether you are in Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, national and international businesses converge for leadership and inspiration. Additionally, courses in Australia are underpinned by a mix of theoretical training combined with practical, real-world experience for business environment or investment opportunities offering tremendous scope for employment for graduates with specific skills and abilities.

Dedicated support for learning

From the moment you make your application to an Australian university, you can take comfort in the knowledge you are in the safest hands. The tutors and lecturers are really friendly, approachable and professionals with innovative academic thinking and understanding of the real world.

Experience work as you study

Regardless of the university or city, studying abroad can be a daunting proposition particularly for a fee paying international student, when you consider preparations from the logistics of getting a study visa, paying for your air ticket, living expenses from housing to groceries and tuition, for it does not come cheap. A HSBC report puts the average cost per year of study in Australia US$ 32,950, inclusive of both living and tuition fees. However, Australia is amongst select countries in the world where a routine study visa allows you to work while you are in the country for certain hours with good returns because of the high minimum wages based on the OECD Better Life Index.

Educonnect lets you filter courses to find the ones that allow part-time jobs, so you can have the education you deserve without the burden of a heavy student loan debt. Not to mention, the invaluable work exposure.

Employability and global recognition

These are turbulent times with changes so evident globally. To get value for your investment on education, you require training in an environment that will catapult you to be a business leader of the future, be flexible, creative and fast to respond to newer business environments and investment opportunities. Australian universities have excellent relationships with employers and professional associations besides strong links in the job market, locally and internationally, so you can often stay back and work in the country or abroad after earning your grades. A graduate can also look at working as a consultant for leading firms or international organisations. Yet the best part is the option to be a job creator than being a job seeker if you take the entrepreneurial route.

And behold, culinary delights and nightlife

They don't talk much about it but Australia is a culturally diverse country with a fabulous international food scene. People here love their food, music and won't shy away from shaking a leg or two. Regale in the nightlife that goes on till early mornings, share a good laugh at the comedy shows or sit back and relax at the myriad cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. What will surprise you more is the food to suit almost any palate. So you don't have to pack your bags with spices from your home country that are easily available at the stores across the streets.

No matter what excites you about Australia, Educonnect's search platform can help you filter through the many opportunities available until you find the right course, in the best university, in your most ideal city, so you can go after your dream future.

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