Gain employability skills while studying in Australia

Written By Dr. Reza Shariflou on March 05, 2021

Australian higher education system is set to provide not only high-quality courses for students but also provides opportunities to increase the employability of its graduates.  This means that while you learn academic knowledge and skills, you can engage in various other activities which facilitate gaining employability skills in order to presenting and transferring your academic knowledge and skills to the workplace around the globe. These skills, including communication, teamwork, time management and initiative are critical for entering today's competitive employment market. You can develop these skills while studying in Australia, through engagement in various activities both as part of your course and as extra circular activities. 

As part of your course, you will need to actively participate in group activities like group assignments, excursions, field and laboratory experiments and variety of other interactive and interpersonal activities. As part of some university courses, you may have the chance in presenting your work to various audiences including national and international conferences and writing and publishing research data in mass media including the scientific journals.

Some education providers have specific programs such as study exchange, internship, work placement and mentoring programs. All these programs provide the chance for students to connect and engage with other students and professionals in other industries. In addition, as part of your student life you will have the chance to engage in various social activities including sport clubs, diverse community and cultural activities, and public speaking. You may also have the chance to gain work experience by providing voluntary contributions to various communities including the non-for-profit organisations, participating in fund raising activities, and working as casual in industries that can help you gain local experience. All these activities will enrich your professional profile and will strengthen your job presentiveness. These are just typical examples but there are literally endless opportunities that you can explore and gain your specific skills during your studies. This is just the first critical step towards securing a job and starting a stable life after graduation.

Hence, it is important that you select the right course and the right education provider to both gain desired knowledge during your higher education studies that suits your needs and the employability skills that help you enter the workplace. We at Educonnect are ready to help you with such an important life decision. We are here to help you by presenting the diverse list of education providers and courses all in one place and guiding you to compare and choose your desire course/study path and connect with providers directly. Also, to make a hassle-free process, we help you with your entry application and connect you with agent also in the same place at Educonnect. 

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