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Written By Educonnect on June 09, 2021

Australia, the land down under is known as the world's third most popular study abroad destination—and for good reason. It offers a unique opportunity for foreign students to obtain world-class education, and work during and post-studying, and it has some of the most stunning landscapes on earth welcoming you. Australian institutions and its degrees are highly sought out by recruiters to promote to their Students, as well.

In today's digital age, assistance comes in the form of education marketplace website platforms like Educonnect. This platform not only helps you identify the course of your liking, it also helps you connect and apply directly to the top universities and institutions of your choice.

Here are a few points that you should look out for in terms of international student support from the choice of your institutions.

College mixers or meet and greets:

You are beginning a new college year and it's like you're entering a new chapter in your life. And what better way to enter this chapter with the help of new friends. This meet-and-greet will help you do just that. It's a good ice-breaker to meet new friends as you step into a new year full of classes, pre-seminars and course schedules. Most Australian universities and institutions hold a meet and greet even before you start your course. So when you enroll at your preferred university or institutions, ask for their meet and greet session.

Pre-departure briefings

These briefings are held for a number of countries for both parents and students. These briefings will help you better understand the university or institutions education system and how best to adapt to it. The briefing will give you advice on various topics such as accommodation and where best to live, whom to contact when feeling unsafe, and about jobs when studying.

The briefing may also provide the opportunities to connect with current students who can talk about their life in Australia and how best to address cultural differences. You can also learn how best to be connected to the university's or institutions programs and community.

Pre-arrival packs

Most universities and institutions have a pre-arrival pack or guide designed for all international students, usually sent by email or available online. The pack will contain useful information about how to prepare for your study abroad and what exactly you can expect when you arrive.

The guide will be useful as they cover topics such as visa requirements, health insurance, tuition payment options, how to live on a budget while studying and advice on finding a part-time job and managing your studies with it.

Apart from this, there should be a little information about the university or institutions and its administration process and Student support services. All this is to ensure that youwill be supported during your journey all the way from pre-departure to enrolments and your study journey.

Orientation programs

Being in a new country or a new place can be a daunting prospect. It can be very overwhelming as the new place will have so much to take in and so much to understand about. You'll meet new people and you will take some time to find your bearings.

Most universities and institutions have the practice of inviting international students to attend specific Orientation session earlier to give them a chance to settle down and be comfortable in the new environment before starting their classes.

The orientation program is designed to provide support, information and encourages new students to make friends and get to know each other.

Academic guidance

Being in a new country, all alone can be intimidating and overwhelming. The first few days aren't the only time new students need help. It's important that students are aware of the support system they can rely on. Most universities and institutions have a student adviser body that helps international students tackle problems such as academic or unfamiliar grading systems, language, culture shock etc. These student advisors not only have the ability to understand students poblems, but also know how to be practical when need be.

The staff, of course, always have their doors open to students who have issues regarding academics and other matters. Other than teachers and students, there is a third important option that can help as well - members of the local community. In some instances, families are allowed to sign up for the 'host family' program.

Organized Social Events

Ever heard of saying, "All work and no play, made Jack a dull boy." which implies that it is best to have a good balance between work and play. It isn't only about studying. It's also about some fun and games. The support services that universities and institutions provide isn't only about providing solutions. It's about ensuring the student has a fulfilling experience. Providers calendars are jam packed with events for international students. Some events promote cultural exchange and some are just for fun. These include activities such as campus tours, library sessions, networking meet-ups, film evenings, visits to local attractions, hiking expeditions and more. These events are key to meet face-to-face with academic staff, tutors and mingle with other students.

It is the culture of Australian universities and many quality institutions to make international students feel welcome. Universities or institutions may have various advisory services such as immigration advisory services, students' health care and employment services, disability support, childcare, counseling, multi-faith centres among others. Universities in Australia take special care to help international students with all their queries.

Studying in Australia is a long journey and it might be a life changing chapter for your future lifestyle. So, it is important to find the right course and institute and to make an informed decision. Educonnect is there to help you with this important step of your life by providing you with all the information you need about courses and institutes. It provides you with the facilities to narrow down to your desired courses, to discover and compare courses and institutes and to directly connect with education providers. You can click here to subscribe to their mailing list, and get started on finding your dream course at the right university or institution

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