Bachelor of Applied Business - Marketing Major (ONLINE)

La Trobe University
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Management and Commerce
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Part Time,Full Time
Victoria (St Kilda)
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$43,500 Per Course
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Online Delivery

Course Overview

Your bachelor's degree will be awarded to you at the successful completion of year 3 (or part-time equivalent).

Course code LBABK
Course name Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing major)
Course duration 3 years full-time, or part-time equivalent^
Location Online
Available internationally Yes

Minimum timeframe for the bachelor's degree is 36 months and can vary according to absence, advanced standing status, studying full-time versus part-time, availability of subjects and your progress in the course.

Why is this course right for me?
A bachelor of business major in marketing will provide you with a foundation of business and key marketing skills. The skills and knowledge available in this qualification are highly desirable in a wide range of roles in the business world.

Those seeking to change careers, move into a new marketing/sales-related role or start their own enterprise will find the content of this course invaluable. The Marketing major is designed for roles requiring a good working knowledge of research skills, market and consumer analysis, media planning and marketing strategies. This is also invaluable when working with external media and marketing-related agencies.

Studying an applied business qualification will introduce you to the workings of organisations and their structure, increase your commercial marketing awareness, and allow you to build practical knowledge that will be essential for your future career goals.

You have the option of studying Business with or without a major in either Marketing or Management.

Year 1
After completing year 1 of your degree, you will be awarded with an applied diploma, should you decide to exit your degree at this point. You can add this qualification to your résumé and move forward with your career plans.

Core subjects
CSE1SPX - Sustainability Practices
In this subject, students are introduced to developing and implementing a workplace sustainability policy in line with a current theoretical framework and modifying it to suit the interconnections between the economy, society and the environment. Students identify, analyse and evaluate information to develop, monitor and modify organisational policies in accordance with legislative and organisational goals and changing business circumstances. During this process, they are required to communicate and consult with internal and external stakeholders. The subject also introduces students to planning, sequencing and using systematic and analytical processes to research and gather data and to evaluate outcomes of decision-making to identify improvement. This subject addresses La Trobe’s Sustainability Thinking Essential. Sustainability Thinking entails deep appreciation of how the choices we make affects the natural, economic, social, political and cultural systems – now and in the future.

BUS1BFX - Business Fundamentals
BUS1AFX - Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
MKT1MDX - Marketing: Stand & Deliver
MGT1OBX - Working with Others
MKT1ADX - Advertising in a Digital Age
BUS1OPX - Office Professional

Elective subjects (choose 1)
CSE1ITX - Information Technology Fundamentals
BUS2WDX - Manage Diversity
BUS2PMX - Project Management
MGT1FOX - Foundations of Management

Year 2
Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position should you choose to exit your studies with an applied qualification that employers are looking for. However, you are now well over halfway to your applied bachelor degree so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Qualification Associate Degree of Applied Business

Core subjects
MKT2MRX - Market, Audience & Social Research
Business managers request, assess, purchase and use marketing research to make a wide number of informed decisions. You will come to understand what marketing research can provide, what research methods are appropriate for different types of problems, and how results should be interpreted. The aim of this subject is to give you the knowledge and skills, as either a future business manager or a marketing research practitioner, to make intelligent decisions in your specification, evaluation, and application of marketing research in real everyday life and digital era.

MKT2BBX - Digital Branding & Retailing
BUS1ABX - Analysing Business Data
BUS2BIX - Business Innovation
LST2BSX - Introduction to Business Law & Ethics
BUS1BUX - Investigating Economic Issues
MGT2IMX - Managing Across Borders
MKT2CBX - Consumer Behaviour

Year 3
Congratulations! This is the final year of your qualification. Your applied bachelor degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. A qualification of this level greatly enhances your résumé and says a great deal about you. Not only will you be armed with the job-ready skills and knowledge that employers are desperate for, but you will also have shown you can stay focused to achieve a goal.

Core subjects
BUS3DBX - Digital Business
In this subject you will develop and enhance your online research and communication skills. In so doing, you will explore the business models of digital disruptors such as eBay, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, who are using digital business models to disrupt established businesses in telecommunications, transportation, advertising, e-commerce, automotive, insurance, education and many other industries. You will also explore how established businesses are responding with new business models of their own to meet challenges posed by the expanding digital economy. Through this subject you will develop the skills required to design innovative solutions using digital technologies to enhance the ability of businesses and community organisations to achieve strategic goals.

BUS3ENX - Entrepreneurship
MGT3LWX - Leadership
MKT3IMX - International Marketing
MKT3SOX - Social Marketing
MKT3SMX - Strategic Marketing
Elective subjects (choose 2)
BUS3SVX - Service Management
BUS3WLX - Work-based learning project
MGT3OCX - Organisational Change & Development
MGT3SMX - Strategic Management

Equipment required
Course learning outcomes
Identify, source and analyse information relevant to business and social challenges.
Evaluate a range of alternate solutions to business and social challenges and account for potentially competing economic, ethical, social and commercial perspectives in a responsible manner.
Devise innovative recommendations to business and social challenges, based on the identification of the elements of a problem and the application and evaluation of problem solving approaches.
Communicate professionally and effectively with a range of stakeholders, using a variety of modes of communications and appropriate tools.
Engage professionally and effectively to the success of a multicultural, team, in a manner which is respectful of the needs, values, personalities and capabilities of others.
Utilise digital technologies to identify, source, analyse and communicate information relevant to business and social challenges.
Meet the disciplinary knowledge and skill requirements for graduates seeking to commence a career in marketing.

Equipment required

  • To get the most out of this exciting online experience, we recommend you equip yourself with the right tools for the job before you commence your studies.
  • All study resources (content and assessments) will be provided as part of the course. You will need to supply the following.
  • A good, reliable internet connection
  • Computer capable of running Windows (check with manufacturer if unsure)
  • Webcam
  • Sound capabilities (microphone/speakers)

Please note: should you wish to take electives, BUS2PMX - Project Management or CSE1ITX - Information Technology Fundamentals, and you are studying using an Apple computer, please let us know at the time of your selection.


We firmly believe that learning and wellbeing are linked and that students learn best when their wellbeing is optimised. To this end, our students can enjoy personal and online support for their health and wellbeing.


When you start your course, you will be given an invitation to join a live orientation (video conference) for the first day of your first term. This orientation is designed to answer any questions you have and help you navigate your online Learning Portal.

If you haven’t been formally studying for a while, or you just want a clearer understanding of what’s ahead, we have created an orientation portal to help you become study-ready. Not only does it highlight the features and benefits of studying online, but it’s packed with valuable information to help you succeed in your studies with us.

Student resources

Didasko deliver online learning resources for La Trobe University qualifications. The resources can vary from subject to subject and can include:


Didasko have an award-winning content creation department that produce engaging learning resources.

Live video

Didasko host live lectures such as subject welcomes, assessment overviews and live forums through video conferencing tools.

Recorded video

We record our subject lectures so that they are relevant to an applied learning outcome.

Learning guides

In some cases, learning guides are also available in PDF form and are useful to students who prefer written material.


There are different types of assessments and projects to measure students’ understanding. Some of those types are: essay, multiple-choice questions, oral assessments.


Some of the exams are proctored by the Academic Team via remote desktop sharing.

Entry Requirement

Admission Requirements
Academic Entry Requirements
For admission to any of our online courses, one of the following is required:

  • If you have completed Year 12 in the past 2 years, you will need a 50+ ATAR score with a Units 3 & 4 study score of at least 25 in English, or
  • An equivalent academic level achievement, or At least two years of work experience, after leaving school
  • All students are required to undergo the online Pre-enrolment Assessment and achieve a pass mark of 60%.

Advanced standing
  • Those of you who have studied at tertiary level elsewhere, or who have relevant studies or work experience*, may be eligible for advanced standing (credit) towards your online La Trobe University qualification. Each college has specific policies in respect to the number and type of subjects and work experience it is willing to accept for advanced standing (credit) purposes.
  • We will inform you of the process for advanced standing at enrolment. However, if at some later point you believe you are eligible for advanced standing, please advise your Student Experience Team as soon as possible. It is preferable that you have advanced standing approved for a subject prior to starting it. Advanced standing must be approved before going through census for that subject.
For more information about advanced standing, contact us.
*Work experience recognition available to applicants of all La Trobe applied business courses.

Career Opportunities

This course has been designed with a focus on upskilling, or moving into the exciting world of business. Career opportunities include:

  • Administration Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive Personal Assistant
  • New business start-up
  • Office Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Assistant
  • Administration Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Manager
  • Program Consultant
  • Program Coordinator

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