Bachelor of Applied Information Technology (ONLINE)

La Trobe University
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Information Technology
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Part Time,Full Time
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$106,800 Per Course
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Online Delivery

Course Overview

Year 1: Diploma 
After completing year 1 of your degree, you will be awarded with an applied diploma. You can add this qualification to your résumé and move forward with your career plans.

Year 2: Associate degree
Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position with an applied associate degree. However, you are now well over half way to your applied bachelor degree, so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Year 3: Bachelor degree
Your applied bachelor degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. Armed with 3 qualifications, you will have demonstrated your ability to stay focused to achieve a goal. With the job-ready skills and knowledge acquired from your course, employers will find you highly desirable.

Pay as you go
International students pay via a convenient ‘pay as you go’ process. Students pay for two subjects in advance. The payment for your subjects must be received prior to you commencing the next subjects.

Core subjects
CSE1SIX - Information Systems Infrastructure
This subject covers topics on PC hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware and network connectivity issues. It also covers techniques on installing and configuring operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X and Linux. It addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts on networking and/or databases, assesses and validates the candidate's technical knowledge of either networking or database systems. This subject is designed to prepare students for undertaking two vendor certifications on hardware and networking or database fundamentals.
CSE1SPX - Sustainability Practices
CSE1ITX - Information Technology Fundamentals
CSE1ISX - Information Systems
CSE1PGX - Programming Environment
CSE2NFX - Network Engineering Fundamentals
CSE1OFX - Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
CSE2DCX - Database Fundamentals on the Cloud

Year 2
Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position should you choose to exit your studies with an applied qualification that employers are looking for. However, you are now well over halfway to your applied bachelor degree so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Core subjects
CSE2ICX - Internet Client Engineering
In this subject, students will study Web programming, audience-based web page/site development: HTML and DHTML links, images, ImageMap, tables, frames, form; style sheets, Javascript; logical design of web user interface; usability testing, web presence and visibility; XML, AJAX, and XSLT; mobile Web.
CSE2SDX - Information Systems Development
CSE1IOX - Intermediate Object Oriented Programming
CSE2CNX - Computer Networks
MAT2DMX - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

Core choice subjects (choose 1)
CSE2ANX - Advanced Computer Networks
CSE2SAX - Operating System Administration
CSE2WDX - Web Development
Elective subjects (choose 2)
CSE2MAX - Mobile Application Development with Android
BUS2PMX - Project Management
BUS2BIX - Business Innovation
LST2BSX - Introduction to Business Law & Ethics
CSE2VVX - Virtualisation for the Cloud
CSE2OSX - Operating Systems

Year 3
Congratulations! This is the final year of your qualification. Your applied bachelor degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. A qualification of this level greatly enhances your résumé and says a great deal about you. Not only will you be armed with the job-ready skills and knowledge that employers are desperate for, but you will also have shown you can stay focused to achieve a goal.

Core subjects
CSE3PAX - Industry project 3A
The industry project enables students to experience real-life involvement in the planning and development of a medium-sized software project. It utilises a teamwork approach to software engineering and integrates previously learned skills and knowledge relating to technical, social and ethical issues. The subject covers project management, team organisation and communication, project estimation and planning, documentation and reporting and milestone presentation. Project teams must be finalised by the first week of term. The project is completed over two consecutive semesters, students will receive an X grade for CSE3PAX and must enrol in CSE3PBX in order to complete and receive a mark for this subject.

CSE3PBX - Industry project 3B
CSE3PEX - Professional Environment

Elective subjects (choose 5)
BUS3DBX - Digital Business
BUS3ENX - Entrepreneurship
CSE3CIX - Computational Intelligence for Data Analysis
CSE3CSX - Cybersecurity Fundamentals
CSE3NWX - Networks, Systems and Web Security
CSE3OTX - Internet of Things
CSE3WSX - Wireless Network Engineering
CSE3BGX - Big Data Management on the Cloud
BUS3SVX - Service Management

Entry requirements

To study your La Trobe applied bachelor degree, you must have the following.

Completion of Year 12, with a score in English of at least 25, or

An equivalent academic level achievement, or

At least two years of work experience, after leaving school

Proof of an IELTS Academic 6.0 with no band less than 6.0 or equivalent

All students are required to undergo the online Didasko Pre-enrolment Assessment and achieve a pass mark of 60%.

Equipment required

  • To get the most out of this exciting online experience, we recommend you equip yourself with the right tools for the job before you commence your studies.
  • All study resources (content and assessments) will be provided as part of the course. You will need to supply the following.
  • A good, reliable internet connection
  • Computer capable of running Windows (check with manufacturer if unsure)
  • Webcam
  • Sound capabilities (microphone/speakers)

Please note: should you wish to take electives, BUS2PMX - Project Management or CSE1ITX - Information Technology Fundamentals, and you are studying using an Apple computer, please let us know at the time of your selection.


We firmly believe that learning and wellbeing are linked and that students learn best when their wellbeing is optimised. To this end, our students can enjoy personal and online support for their health and wellbeing.


When you start your course, you will be given an invitation to join a live orientation (video conference) for the first day of your first term. This orientation is designed to answer any questions you have and help you navigate your online Learning Portal.

If you haven’t been formally studying for a while, or you just want a clearer understanding of what’s ahead, we have created an orientation portal to help you become study-ready. Not only does it highlight the features and benefits of studying online, but it’s packed with valuable information to help you succeed in your studies with us.

Student resources

Didasko deliver online learning resources for La Trobe University qualifications. The resources can vary from subject to subject and can include:


Didasko have an award-winning content creation department that produce engaging learning resources.

Live video

Didasko host live lectures such as subject welcomes, assessment overviews and live forums through video conferencing tools.

Recorded video

We record our subject lectures so that they are relevant to an applied learning outcome.

Learning guides

In some cases, learning guides are also available in PDF form and are useful to students who prefer written material.


There are different types of assessments and projects to measure students’ understanding. Some of those types are: essay, multiple-choice questions, oral assessments.


Some of the exams are proctored by the Academic Team via remote desktop sharing.

Enjoy the savings

For many, travelling for study is not possible or desirable. Whether it's financial or simply a matter of time, studying at home makes so much sense today.

Currently, to study in Melbourne as an international student costs upwards of A$25,000 per year when you allow for accommodation, campus costs, general living expenses, flights and taxes. Online study allows you to continue working while you study to improve your skills and knowledge.

Career Opportunities

This course has been designed with a high employability focus in the exciting world of IT. Graduates will fit roles that bridge the gap between technical and management personnel. Career opportunities include:

  • Systems Analyst
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Database Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Strategist
  • Systems Marketer
  • Should you choose to exit at diploma level (end of year 1), you will have entry-level skills to commence work in the IT industry roles such as Help-desk and Web Support. If you exit at associate degree level (end of year 2), you will have additional industry certified skills.

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