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111 139 578
24 111 139 578
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Advanced Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Postgraduate


HILTON ACADEMY is a diverse community of learners from many cultures, nationalities, religions and languages. We value diversity in our community as it enriches everyone’s collective experience. As an education provider, HILTON ACADEMY provided nationally accredited vocational education courses to international students. Our courses are available at the Diploma and Graduate Diploma levels. Australia’s vocational education courses are part of the most sophisticated competency-based learning and teaching systems in the world. We offer a broad range of offerings in areas of industry skills demanded by Australian employers. HILTON ACADEMY has a strong commitment to the English Language. This is to ensure all students have opportunities to improve their English competency while they are studying with us. In an increasingly global economy, the use of the English Language gives students a competitive edge, not only academically, but also socially and culturally. Through offering high quality courses, HILTON ACADEMY plays a critical role in enabling the Australian workforce to be skilled and job-ready. Our courses are developed through industry consultation to ensure employability of our students. We work closely with industry to ensure our students are well prepared for the challenges of the workplace. HILTON ACADEMY is committed to continuous improvement and review of our teaching and course delivery. The school leadership team strives to ensure our courses continue to deliver for students entering an ever-changing and developing world of industry. We understand that student welfare and education are two sides of the same coin. Positive student experiences are a critical aspect of a successful learning environment. The HILTON ACADEMY Student Resilience Model and our Student Welfare Strategic Plan are frameworks we use to ensure student needs are well addressed. Whether this is academic support, support with the English language, or personal difficulties impacting on study, we have a comprehensive range of support services to enhance learning, adjustment, safety and security. We are proud of our history as education providers. We enjoy a good reputation as evidenced through critical reflections, continuous improvement data and feedback from students, staff and industry. We take pride in seeing our students achieve their goals either through job outcomes or further studies.


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